TOP 5 best highest-paid Hollywood actors 2016

TOP 5 highest-paid actor in the world in 2016

1 # Dwayne Johnson


The number one of highest-paid actor in the world between 1 January 2015 to 1 January 2016 is 

Dwayne johnson

he acts in many films like fast furious …


san Andreas..central intelligence… etc also THE ROCK is a hero in WWE he got many medals ..he has 44 years old.

this year he gets more than 64 million $ this years so he's the top in the full list with 3 million $ more than the second JAKI CHANE  

a comedian …action… romantic actor …. he act in many famous films like series RUSH HOUR …. project A … police story… the karate kid … The medallion… The spy next door…etc.
JAKI get this year more than 61 million $ .. he the king in china's …. the multiple talent acts .. singer and producer films … 
he was born on 1964 so he has 62 years old.


3 ## Matt Damon


THE THIRD PLACE of the list highest-paid of this year 2016 is for damn Matt he was born on 1970 an actor that he has skill and talent to be on of best of Hollywood actor in the world …

he acts in many films like The Martian … The Bourne Ultimatum… The Bourne Supremacy and more 

This year Matt get more than  55 million $ …. because he's successful


4 # Tom cruise

The best actor in the romantic movie like Eyes Wide Shut … story film like The Last Samurai  … and more tom and him wife 


4 # Johnny Depp

Act many films else he acts in many films .. the top is series Pirates of the Caribbean it's the best series of JOHNNY DEEP one of best celebrate actor … not just in the USA  but also in the world ..china japan Malaysia… and more…. JOHNNY DEEP  The last in this list and the fifth of best 5 actors with him.

gains are like Sweeney Todd … Sleepy Hollow…Rango …The Tourist with Angelina Jolie … etc he was born on 1963 he has own also the golden global world .. JOHNNY have this year amount of  48 million$



Hollywood for me one of the most popular actor in the world …most beautiful actor .. and best ever he get this year more than  53 million $. Tom cruise is an actor he acts in many films like series mission impossible witch is achieved … with his gain much benefit … the top part of this series it's impossible rogue nation … he act also in action films like Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz…. 

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