Worst 10 mistakes committed by girls before their wedding ceremony

The Worst 10 Mistakes Committed By Most Girls At Her Wedding Ceremony

This topic today is about many mistakes can be falling by the girls in her wedding ceremony. we have to talk about it.

The wedding party is the best moment for every girl. Subsequently, she cannot focus on many things at once, so she may forget  some important things that perhaps adds new features for the success of the ceremony. Let's identify them:

10- Interest jewelry more than a wedding dress


We main here, the girl concentrated on jewelry and the extent of its luster so much so overwhelmed on the wedding dress. The Attendees don't remember your jewelry, they focus only about your White wedding dress at the end of the ceremony.

09-Buy accessories before the dress


 Another point here is that the girls go shopping to buy some accessory of gold and silver before her wedding dress. Then, she will buy a different dress that Befitting with this accessory. Actually, this is the worst mistakes fall in it by any girl.

08- Turning a blind eye in colorful accessories


"White befitting everything" So many girls likes colorful accessories to wear it at a wedding ceremony. this point is missed by many girls who do not like the colors, but it makes her more  beautiful & attractive.

07- A blind eye to what is worthy of her skin color


There are many colors of the skin "Blonde"&"Brunette"&"Ebony"…etc. In this case, you have to pick the best color that much with your skin, such as the Silver color for Blonde & White, and the Gold for Brunette & Ebony maybe.


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