Worst 10 mistakes committed by girls before their wedding ceremony

06- Pick up one type of accessories


Here you must choose one type of your accessories. for example, you can choose between the Silver Or the gold, but you cannot wear it together at same time, this is the biggest wrong.

05- Buy fashionable accessories


Follow fashion is sometimes important excepted on wedding ceremony cause you will see pictures of your wedding in the future. Subsequently, you ought to pick modern & elegant dresses that not passes the time.

04- Never choose accessories consistent with everything


This day for you, it's yours. don't make or compare yourself with anyone close you, you must be a unique girl at every moment. It's a special day for special girl forever.

03- May sometimes forgot that everything has increased, the lack of sense


Many girls Tend to wear all possible accessories at once. this maybe can Detract from the attractiveness and creations. And, as they say, "If the thing has increased from alone To upend him". 

02- Buy what is expensive


Is not necessary to be an inlaid with gold and silver to show your attractiveness. Decorate humbled to be Top-notch people.

01- A no-brainer to use it after the wedding


If we think realistically, we found Artificial it is impossible to wear a dress or the Shoe after the wedding. But, why do not you choose the jewelry can be worn after the wedding ?! Choose a versatile jewelry to take advantage as much as possible from the budget.

Finally, This list to say to every girl, Take care for what you want to buy and wear on that special day, cause you are a special girl.


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