10 Things we don’t know about South Korea


Korea, South Korea or the Republic of South Korea, it's the country that located in far east Asia. a small country with a big cultural. many things that we don't know about Korea, we ought to talk about it here in some lines below….


01- The capital of cosmetic surgery

Seoul is the political and economical capital of Korea. It's population approximately 10 Million. It has more than 500 cosmetic operations center. Statistics indicated that more than 980,000 operations in 2015.

South Korea occupies the first place in terms of cosmetic operations since 2009, The most important operations carried out by Korean people is Eyes & nose operations.



02- Korean are the largest costumes for "Ramen" On the world

At a rate of once at least every 5 days, Korean are the most customers in RAMEN on the world The recent statistics has shown that Korean can eat 74 more than others. Korea has one of the world's most famous brands RAMEN and issued by the various parts of the world, can not be said that eating RAMEN a lot are really healthy.


03-South Korea and the speed of the Internet

Emulated by the title of "fastest Internet in the world" at a rate of "33.5 Mbps" South Korea provided the area of the Internet within estimated speed of twice of the speed in Hong Kong.



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