Top 100 Most Beautiful Face of KPOP 2016

It ended a year and came to a New Year. 2016 had left with many events, There are good and bad there.

What we are interested in It is that there are many nominations and arrangements For the various teams and individuals and groups And who is The most beautiful, the best of, the handsome one from them. 

We thus collect the 100 most beautiful face of KPOP 2016. And we are here to collect the most beautiful Korean girls And those who work in the field of art, music, and acting within the bands.

This list carried many of the famous faces in the field of art and singing Including the best and most popular girls Band.

The list also brought many surprises, There are many faces worthy of first place. But classified in the centers are not worthy of it.

Ok! Let's show the 100 beautiful face of KPOP 2016. It ranked from 100 to 01. 

Here we go!!!!!


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